Bewegende Geschichten mit bewegten Bildern
zu erzählen, erregt bleibenden Eindruck.



Das richtige Equipment ist die halbe Miete.



Mach aus deiner Veranstaltung etwas Besonders
an dem alle teilhaben können.
Erinnerungen schaffen.



Die Wirklichkeit ins Wohnzimmer holen.
Geschichte zum Leben erwecken.
Natur ihrer Natürlichkeit.



Noch mehr aus deiner Musik rausholen.

“There is something more important than logic: imagination”

Alfred Hitchcock

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We are a design and film production company located in the heart of Vienna. We produce documentaries for television networks, image- and advertising campaigns for companies and short movies about events or congresses.

In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction in the Work of Art, in times of social networks and ads everywhere, it is very important to distinguish your company or your event from the other one’s. High quality movies are not only nice memories for the participants or your customers, but they will give your investors an intense overview of how you work.

In modern times we should not think of film production, graphic, design, animation and web coding as a sperate disciplines. We think that one comes to the other and that it makes a lot of sense to produce a product line or a corporate design for all media products. We create all advertising relevant material, that you will ever need. We offer print design, web design and promotional films to bring your company to the front. We are professionals and you will be impressed by our work.

We are using the most advanced camera technique for our work. Other filmmakers can profit from this technique. We are renting our stuff in our camera rental section.