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If it's a good movie, the sound could go off
and the audience would still have
a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.
Alfred Hitchcock

“Eine gute Werbeanzeige muss das Produkt verkaufen, ohne die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich selbst zu ziehen.”

David Ogilvy

A picture is worth a thousand words. And moving pictures are gonig to show you a whole new world. Studies have shown that 80% of online users prefer visual content. We love making beautiful movies. Let moving pictures tell the story of your company and share your image film with the world.
Define a new audience and put all the benefits of your company, you brand or your product in the foreground, before your competitors can do so.
The image film has its origin in industry films. Today the main focus has shifted onto the emotional aspects of a company, a brand or a product. Image films nowadays are a lot shorter than they used to be. This is because of the growing time pressure of todays society as well as the growing social media use. Because of this it is very important to get the viewers attention within the first seconds and share all the significant information within this short time.
Image films are very similar to advertising films, although image films do have a stronger descriptive level including documentary and journalistic elements. Basically when it comes to technology and imagination there are no limits when creating an image film.

“Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own.”

Bo Dietrick

A crucial aspect for the amount of work and complexity of your image film is the financial recourses you can provide our team with. But even with a small budget it is possible to turn your ideas into the image film you want. The cast, technology, location, special effects, cutting and post production will work together and create something magical.


We discuss all of your wishes.


We create a concept based on your ideas and prepare everything for the shoot.


We include your last ideas and improvements into the shoot.


And Action!! We shoot all the planned scenes.


Your videos is cutted, color graded and improved with inserts, animations and so on.


Your image film is ready for your final review.

“Das beste Marketing fühlt sich nicht so an wie Marketing.”

Tom Fishburne

Industry films, image films, explanatory videos and product films have to obtain the right effect on viewers. Therefore the right amount of suggestive image-building and information transfer has to be found during the conceptual phase. Depending on your defined audience your image film can be artistic-aestethic as well as classical-traditional – in between those two possibilities there is a huge range of customized films. A crucial factor here is the senders purpose as well as the courage to try out new audio visual possibilities.

As a professional production company based in Vienna, kameraWERK is your contact partner for every kind of image film. Because of our long experience, our flexible team, state of the art equipment and a very personal care, we are able to produce high quality content.

“Give the time and the energy to let amazing creatives do creative work.”

Paull Young


Jack & Jones organized several live tattoo sessions in Vienna stores. Customers were able to marvel at the skills of one of the greatest talents and get a pecker for themselves.


Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is the world’s leading developer and operator of exceptional real estate projects. One of these projects is the largest shopping center in Vienna, Austria.


The Carpe Solem Rauris is to become one of the resorts that inspires its guests. The new building should blend in with the location and nature. A project which benefits the whole region.