CamDolly Heavy Duty Slider


Der Heavy Duty Slider kann schnell und einfach aufgebaut werden. Mit einer Länge von bis zu 2m ist er ideal für lange und geschmeidige Kamerafahrten.


  • 3 Lichtstative
  • 2 Stangen (2m)
  • 1 Baseplatte
  • 4 Reifen
  • 3 Stangenauflagen

Inkl. Versicherung


Der CamDolly Heavy Duty Slider ist ein stabiler und langer Slider mit dem geschmeidige Fahrten ermöglicht werden.


Heavy Duty Slider

There are tons of great sliders out there. The problem is that most of them are for short runs, and only work with smaller sized cameras. With CamDolly, your run can be 8 feet, 12 feet, or even longer. In stead of high cost specialized rails, simply pick up some 30-35mm pipe at a home improvement store. The CamDolly Cinema System includes a pair of adjustable rail ends. You can either operate the Slider at ground level, or raise the slider up on C stands or light stands, and use the included pair of supports to eliminate sagging.
–  Versatile & reliable design
–  Ultra smooth moves and fluid operation for studio and outdoor cinematography
–  A Camera Slider that can take on your fully rigged Arri Alexa with Optimo 24-290 lens, your DSLR camera or your iPhone

Gigantic Weight Load Capacity

The CamDolly Cinema System can take more than 440lbs (200kg) of weight, enabling you to mount it with any camera and all the »shabang« you need,… and you can even ride along if you want to.

Setting Up In Under 10 Minutes

One of the best things about the CamDolly is that any configuration can be set up in literally minutes. The Table top takes only about a minute and Tracking Camera Dolly with the seat and push and pull T-bar takes about 8-10 minutes.