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Medieval Places - Güssing Castle

Project Description

Key Facts

Medieval Places is a documentary series created by Alexander Hinteregger. The episodes discuss the historic, architectural, geographic and social relevance of the place as well as give a deep insight into this fascinating epoch.

The Güssing Castle is located in the south of Austria on the only hill in the whole region. The castle was and still is associated with the famous hungerian noble family Batthyány. From the top of the castle you have an unrestricted view  over nearly a hundred kilometers in all directions.

This episode is packed with interesting facts and wonderful shots of the castle and its region – the Southern Burgenland. Part of the film are interviews with the local historic, the castle administrator and the Batthyány family as well as a moderation which leads threw the film. Special shots with drones, gimbals, sliders and cranes give the project an additional production value.

Project Name

Medieval Places – Güssing Castle

Production status

in post



Avaiable Languages

German | English


40 minutes