CamDolly Cinema Systems 5in1


Full Kit beinhaltet:

  • Ride-On Track Dolly
  • Ride-On Doorway Dolly
  • Heavy Duty Slider [inkl. 2 Rundrohr Stahl (3m)]
  • Tabletop Dolly
  • 360° Orbit Dolly

inkl. Versicherung

  • Take a perfect 360 Degrees
  • Set it up with any camera and any tripod
  • For low shots, table top shots or high shots
  • Push & pull in any direction
  • Weight – Orbit Dolly – 33lbs / 15kg
  • Dimension – Orbit Dolly – 37”W x 37”L x 4”H / 950mmW x 950mmL x 100mmH

SET includes:

1) 1 x Baseplate
2) 4 x Extension Legs
3) 4 x Inflatable Pneumatic Wheels
4) 4 x Table Top Wheels
5) Track Wheels (2-fixed, 2-with extending arm)
6) 3 x Tripod Holders
7) 2 x Doorway Dolly Push/Pull/Turn Adapters
8) 2 x Height Difference Adapters
9) 1 x Seat Assembly
10) 1 x T-bar Assembly
11) Track Ends/Custom-made tracking board support (2 for tracks, 2 for support)
12) Flexible Solid Rubber Truck (2×15 meters/ 2×50 ft.)
13) All the necessary screws
14) 2 x Degrees vs. Diameter Chart (Imperial and Metric)
15) 1 x 75mm and 100mm Bowl Mount Adapters
16) 1 x Flat/Mitchell Mount Adapter
17) 1 x  Case with Foam Insert


Gigantic Weight Load Capacity

The CamDolly Cinema Systen can take more than 440lbs (200kg) of weight, enabling you to mount it with any camera and all the »shabang« you need,… and you can even ride along if you want to.

Setting Up In Under 10 Minutes

One of the best things about the CamDolly is that any configuration can be set up in literally minutes. The Table top takes only about a minute and Tracking Camera Dolly with the seat and push and pull T-bar takes about 8-10 minutes.

Five Main CamDolly Modes:

Ride-On Track Dolly

You can position the tripod and seat in any of several configurations, depending on the action that you’re covering. The included push/pull T-bar gives your dolly grip control over the speed of your dolly move. The track wheels can ride on metal track, or the recomended SnakeTrack Flexible Rail. A pair of special compensation legs make it easy to negotiate the curves of the rubber rail, as well as smooth out any uneven rubber rail layouts.
–  Straight or curved shots
–  Compatible with any track
–  100ft of flexible rubber track

Ride-On Doorway Dolly

The tripod and seat mount in any of several ways, depending on your direction of travel. You can mount a set of four skate wheels (for shooting on smooth floors), or a set of four pneumatic tires for rougher terrain or carpet. A pair of special Compensation Legs make it easy for the dolly grip to use the push/pull T-bar to steer the dolly.
–  Pneumatic wheels for smooth ride
–  Sit & Ride
–  Push and pull in any direction

Heavy Duty Slider

There are tons of great sliders out there. The problem is that most of them are for short runs, and only work with smaller sized cameras. With CamDolly, your run can be 8 feet, 12 feet, or even longer. The CamDolly Cinema System includes a pair of adjustable rail ends. You can either operate the Slider at ground level, or raise the slider up on C stands or light stands, and use the included pair of supports to eliminate sagging.
–  Versatile & reliable design
–  Ultra smooth moves and fluid operation for studio and outdoor cinematography
–  A Camera Slider that can take on your fully rigged Arri Alexa with Optimo 24-290 lens, your DSLR camera or your iPhone

Tabletop Dolly

Using only the Core of the CamDolly, you can use this compact mode to do dolly shots on a tabletop, or very low angle shots on the floor. You can mount your tripod head directly onto the Core using one of the included bowl mount adapters. Attach the push-pull bar to create dramatic floor level dolly shots. You can also attach the push/pull bar directly to one of the wheels in order to steer the dolly.
–  Works great where space is a problem
–  Ultra compact
–  Super light weight but high payload (over 440 lbs/200 kg)
–  Use it for straight or arching shots

360° Orbit Dolly

Attach three or four wheels (either skate wheels or pneumatic tires) to the CamDolly Core, or use extender legs with a full-sized tripod. You can lock the wheels to specific degrees to get a smooth, graceful, repeatable arc.
–  Take a perfect 360 Degrees
–  Set it up with any camera and any tripod
–  For low shots, table top shots or high shots
–  Push & pull in any directions