Zolinger Steadycam XT1000


Der Zolinger XT1000 ist ein aus Carbonfaser gefertigter Hand-Stabilizer.

Er bietet eine verbesserte Carbonfaser-Welle und eine aktualisierte kardanische Aufhängung. Er ist nach den höchsten Standards und mit den besten Materialien gefertigt. Sein Gesamtgewicht beträgt 1,3 kg.

Für Kameras bis 4,5 kg geeignet.

inkl. Versicherung

The Zolinger Steadycam XT1000 is an ultra compact and versatile handheld stabilizer that is manufactured to the highest standards and with the highest quality materials available. We designed a system that delivers unchallenged stabilization results at a very competitive price.

The XT1000 features a telescopic carbon fiber shaft that supports camera weights ranging from 0,8 – 4,5kg (1.7 – 10lb). The shaft extends from a very convenient carrying size of only 40cm (15″) to a maximum length of 70cm (28″).

The camera connector features a removable camera plate and a step-less balancing system. It is one of the fastest and easiest to balance systems on the market, making it the ideal stabilizer for first-time users.

The XT1000′s firm handle can be shifted along the main shaft for fast and precise balancing.

Every unit is sold with a total of 10 x 100g (2.2lb) counterweights, enough to support camcorders weighing up to 4,5kg (10lb).

The Zolinger Steadycam XT1000 is compatible with most Zolinger gear and can be upgraded to a body-mounted system.