Zolinger Steadycam XT1800


Die Zolinger XT1800 ist für schwere Kamerasysteme bis 10kg ausgelegt. Die Weste und der Federarm überträgt das Gewicht auf den ganzen Oberkörper.  Erreichen sie stabilisierte Aufnahmen mit diesem mechanischem System der Extraklasse.

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The Zolinger Steadycam XT1800 is precision engineered using the highest quality materials. We use aviation grade alloy components combined with carbon fiber to produce a strong and lightweight product. Each part is individually CNC machined and quality tested in our Austrian facilities.

The Sled has a minimum height of 70cm (27”) and a maximum height of 125cm (49”).

The handle can be precisely shifted along the main pole to achieve precise balancing. The camera base features an upgraded thread system that allows for faster adjustments and fine-tuning of the steadicam.

The XT1800 dual-spring loaded arm has a load capacity from 1,5 to 10kg. It accurately absorbs shaking caused by walking, running or even climbing stairs and produces perfectly balanced and shock-free operation.

The spring tension can be individually adjusted and fine-tuned.

The Zolinger Steadycam XT1800 vest is made of a breathable cordura material that prevents excessive perspiration and allows for long and comfortable shooting. The XT1800 vest is highly adjustable to fit any body shape and size. The breast-plate is adjustable in size as well as left and right handed operators. The total maximum load capacity is over 15kg with a product weight of only 8kg.