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Anywhere at any time

We capture your event and stream it live to the web. Our professional equipment allows us to work anywhere at any time. All of the technical aspects are covered by us so you can focus on your event and your guests. Wether if it’s a concert, a press conference or a business event, we make sure it gets broadcasted flawlessly.

“Fernsehen macht die Dummen dümmer und die Klugen klüger.”

Günther Jauch

Live Streaming

Ihr Event live im Internet

We are streaming your event live on the Internet, for example on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Whether a single camera or a multi-camera production is to be implemented, we have the right equipment in-house. We cut live on site and stream directly to the Internet via our own infrastructure. Graphic overlays, inserts and transition can also be realized with the live cut


In ths case your event is filmed, edited and the videos are then uploaded to your preferred video portal (ViMP). The contents of the event will be available to your employees or participants within a short time.

item advanced panel

ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel

Compact professional Hardware Panel with Broadcast Power

The new ATEM 1 M/E is a professional Hardware Panel with elegant design to control all your ATEM Panels. It combines modern looks and state of the art broadcast technology. It’s ideal for broadcasting processes especially because of its fitting size. It has integrated LED lights, a professional joystick and a handle for transitions. All of these components give you full control over all of your panels, all cameras, transitions, keying and so on. Having all of these possibilities makes it easy to broadcast any live event.

ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K

Use up to 8 cameras at the same time

The ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K model switches between the video standards SD, HD and Ultra HD. This allows us to use different devices, such as cameras, hard disc recorders or computers at the same time. It offers 10 inputs, chroma-key, transitions, media pools, 4 upstream-keyer, downstream-keyer, audio mixer, multi-view as well as 3 AUX outputs!

atem production studio 4k


Mix video and audio content with the integrated audio mixer

The audio mixer that is integrated in the ATEM mixer is extremely effective and easy to control. Using the opened tab on our Mac we get full control over multi track mixing including audio level displaying. We can control camera sound and external sound via audio level and balance adjustments, activate or deactivate audio tracks or even activate the audio follow video mode. Even other audio mixers with Macki™-Standard-USB can be connected, so we can still use the hardware provided.


Fantastic live-action on different levels

All ATEM Live-Production mixers are equipped with effective upstream-keyer to get brilliant broadcasting effects. They allow us to insert live-videos, titles, grafics and animation. Keying with the chroma, luma, linear and pattern-functions make it possible. Altogether there are 16 chroma-keyer that can be used to create realistic effects for your production.

chroma key
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Creative Transitions

With the integrated transitions there are no limitations

ATEM Live-Production mixers provide us with a fantastic selection of transitions like cut, mix, dip and wipe-patterns. With these possibilities we can creative hard cuts as well as smooth transitions. All of the transitions can be controlled in terms of type, length, pattern, and some other attributes. In addition there is also the possibility of adding a live-video.

“Jeder, der noch weiß wie er heißt und seinen Namen ins Rotlicht sagen kann, kriegt eine TV-Show.”

Harald Schmidt